Private / group classes

Private tuition and group classes

With our private classes you get things your way. You will get a teacher who is completely dedicated to meeting your needs and who provides immediate feedback. 

Group classes may be 3-5 persons who decide to study together. 

If you prefer learning on your own you should try our webcourse "Swedish from scratch".


1-2 students

Let's start with a free 30 min try-out class. Then the following prices apply:

- 10 classes (60 min): 6999 SEK

- 15 classes (60 min): 10249 SEK

- 20 classes (60 min): 13499 SEK


3-5 students

10 classes (60 min): 2700 SEK / student

Contact inLingo if you are having more than 10 hrs or if you have any additional questions.


Learn Swedish on your own!

With our "Learn Swedish from scratch" webcourse you will get a flying start to the Swedish language. Click below to learn more!

Learn Swedish for free?

inLingo takes social responisbility in the local community by hosting free events for Swedish learners who also want to make new friends in Malmö and Lund. Our Youtube channel also offers free material. If you/your company want to endorse our activities to promote integration - please contact us!

Events in Malmö-Göteborg

Meet friends and learn Swedish

inLingo regularly organizes social events in Malmö/Lund where you will learn Swedish, meet new friends and have fun! All the events are published on the facebook page!

Impress your Swedish friends

Idioms or idiomatic expressions are characteristic expressions used by natives. When immigrants use them it is really impressive!